Our Mission

To provide education and training in all aspects of performing arts and theater; to help youth gain confidence by providing opportunities to create, lead, and showcase their skills and talents; to create an inviting and inclusive environment where youth feel welcome and empowered to carry out these goals.

Our History

We began in 2008 as the CATHE Youth Theater (CYT) as part of a nonprofit community center in Burlington, WI. For 12 years we were able to offer successful productions and grew our program to include unique learning opportunities for youth in all aspects of performing arts. After learning that the community center was closing, our committee of volunteers who oversaw the theater made the decision to continue offering performing arts opportunities and formed the nonprofit Creative Youth Performing Arts Collaborative (CYPAC) in July of 2020. In the fall of 2020 we found a warm welcome and new home in the Village of Waterford. We will continue to bring performing arts opportunities into the lives of the youth in Waterford and the surrounding communities.

Our Programs

Our learning program of productions allows youth to become thoroughly involved in all aspects of theater. This includes choreography, directing, set design and building, costuming, and make-up in addition to acting, stage crew, lights and sound. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where all kids can thrive through learning about leadership, hard work, and good fun!

Our student director program allows youth with experience in theater to apply to direct their own production. They make a commitment to three or four shows (depending on the season): at least one where they mentor under an experienced director, one where they mentor under a producer , and finally a production which is their own. They have say in what their show is, and have full director duties for the production. By the end of their season, they will have an understanding of everything that goes into a show, from the very moment the choice of show is decided on till the final curtain call and strike.

Beyond our productions, we also offer performing arts troupes. In between opportunities to perform at community events, youth participate in 6 to 8 week sessions where they work on various skills while building confidence in their talents and abilities.

Our Board of Directors

We are a nonprofit organization overseen by a board of directors. As a part of meeting our mission, our board will always have at least one board seat held by a youth member. Our current board members are also our founding members.

  • Melissa Bruce, President
  • Christine Suhre, Treasurer
  • Kimberley Mingus, Secretary
  • Ginna Deaton, Member at Large
  • Daisy Deaton, Youth at Large
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